An Art Collective.

An art collective; based, born & raised in San Diego. If its art & if its true to you, were about it. Lets UNITE S.D.; Theres far to much raw talent.



Old English - Fully Recovered

Old English

"You’ve heard the rest, now come and fuck with the best. "

A bold statement, but i think they do a pretty good job backing it up. Old English is a two man( SAVIORSELF , NOTHIN’LESS ) Hip Hop / Rap group with a distinct sound. What i like to refer to as the San Diego sound, when they grab the mic, it reminds of back of back in the day, growing up in Eastside. Old English was able to capture what San Diego means to me, and i cant wait to hear more from them. Their album is available on iTunes , SUPPORT!! These dudes are on the rise, don’t sleep, whether you like it or not, Im sure you’ll be hearing about them soon if you haven’t already.


advertising scheme, part 1 (@MIZZMINNIE ) ( @dauche ) (@MIZZMINNIE ) ( @dauche )

Clips from the Mini Cypher: REAL j WALLACE ( @RealJwallace)

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